Islamic University of Technology (IUT) is a subsidiary organ of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). It is an educational and research institution in Bangladesh run and funded by OIC. The main objective of the institution is to contribute in developing the human resources of the member states of OIC, particularly in the fields of engineering, technology and technical education. Providing instruction and conducting research in engineering and technological fields along with ensuring coordination between the objective of the university with other national and regional institutions are some of the other goals of the institution. For the fifth time in Bangladesh, the department of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering(MCE) of IUT is going to host a Mechanical Festival. The festival will allow innovative ideas of students from different sectors of engineering, from all around Bangladesh, to be portrayed in a competitive manner. This festival will facilitate the display of potential engineering students. Detailed list of events and activities is attached herewith. In our strive to promote a culture of sharing ideas, students from any discipline can participate in our multitude of events. Officials from different companies and industries will be invited to witness this mechanical festival in Bangladesh. This event is expected to be the highest platform to display engineering geniuses.

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